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Home Again, Home Again

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I’m back from my trip to London, where I stayed with friend and Taos Toolbox roommate, Mel Melcer. We had a great time, and ended up nearly walking our feet off. And hey, I discovered some things about the UK. … Continue reading

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May Flowers

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It’s raining today, rain that we desperately need. In honor of that, I’m going to post pics of the currently¬†blooming and fruiting things in my garden.

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Because There Just Aren’t Enough Puppy Pics on the Internet…

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…and because my pup (hey, he’s not two yet!) is so ridiculously cute. And spoiled. Here are puppy pics for your holiday cheer:

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Big Changes in the Garden

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We called an arborist to advise us on a large laurel oak we wanted to keep living as long as possible. To our dismay, we learned that the tree had not one, but two hollow cavities filled with decayed wood … Continue reading

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New Home, New Photos: A Gallery

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So, we moved from the north to the Deep North, as this area of north central Florida is known. Getting to know the place will take time, but here are some pics from around the area. It really is beautiful, … Continue reading

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Walking in the Snow

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Here are pics from my walk in the snow. Cold temps with hot sun meant gorgeous walking weather. I even took my gloves off in order to cool down–me! Now I’m happy and tired, and just drank some green tea. … Continue reading

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Back from an Amazing Trip! (part 2)

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We only had a short time in Japan, so we were doubly fortunate to have friends willing to host us in their home and guide us (thanks, Akemi and Tsunemasa!). We arrived and went to their home outside Tokyo by … Continue reading

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Back from an Amazing Trip! (part 1)

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So, I’m posting pics in two separate galleries. This one is for Thailand, where I visited first. We stayed in Pattaya, which isn’t exactly known for its “family-friendly” atmosphere; prostitution is one of its main draws, and has been since … Continue reading

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