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What? December? How?

Okay, so today I flopped the calendar page over and thought, “Gee, I just did this last week for November, didn’t I?” Obviously not. And yet, there is always something of a rush to the final months of the year, … Continue reading

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How to Help Plasma Frequency Come Back

Awhile back, a terrible thing happened: Plasma Frequency Magazine had its coffers cleaned out in a scam. After 16 issues and winning many awards, the magazine was broke and put on hiatus. But the publisher isn’t walking away. He’s running … Continue reading

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My First Author Interview!

Each week, Michael J. DeLuca (guest-editor of LCRW #33) is posting an interview of one of his authors on his blog. Mine is up today! There are two other interviews before mine, and more to come after, so if you’re interested in those sharing the Table … Continue reading

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Writer’s Desk, 6/3

I’ve got nothing else exciting going on, so here: look at my desk! Out the window: A vivid aquamarine sky with white puffs of clouds. Palms swaying in the gentle breeze, and a hummingbird getting annoyed by my motions. Why can’t … Continue reading

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Squee Alert!

I finished the first draft of my novel today!  /collapses back onto chair–squees with joy–collapses deeper in exhaustion/ It feels so good to be done with the first draft, for numerous reasons: It’s an accomplishment, one I’ve been heading towards for … Continue reading

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And “Amma’s Wishes” is up at PodCastle!

That’s right! “Amma’s Wishes” went live at PodCastle today, so you can click the link and listen to Marguerite Kenner narrate my story. It’s more than a little weird, and very wonderful, to hear someone else reading your words, and … Continue reading

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Writer’s Desk, 4/7

Caution: Writer in Action. Motion may be Slow. Please Expect Delays. Out the window: In an oak branch, a female cardinal wrestles with a puff of Spanish moss, presumably for her nest. Warm and humid air flows in the open window, and sunlight … Continue reading

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Closing Out the Year, Welcoming in the New

Here it is, already the first days of 2015. OK, really, who hid the last year? What happened to all that time? It feels like the year took off in a massive roller-coaster ride of ups and downs and all arounds, … Continue reading

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