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Mid-June Update

Things have been busy here, and I’m still in a bit of a whirl. Dasher is fully recovered, according to Monday’s liver enzyme test, which is the biggest news for me. And the best. He’s been acting fine, so it’s … Continue reading

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Vintage-Style Travel Posters…from NASA!

NASA has some absolutely gorgeous space travel posters that you can print (they really have printable file sizes!) to liven up your room with intriguing images. Dream about the glories of Titan’s methane seas, or the eternal night skies of … Continue reading

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All Excited About Worldbuilding Research

Yep, it’s true. Like so many other writers, I love me some good research. I did some yesterday on technology and such, and came away with some amazing bits of knowledge that I just have to share: The word “Scientist” … Continue reading

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Living in the Future?

This is amazing. One human controlled another human’s hand via thoughts, using internet-connected caps. A little creepy, a whole lot awesome! Read more here, at

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Geeky Cool Stuff!

Yesterday my hubby took me to his place of work to show me the ‘toys’ he works on/with. Let me share! First was the MRI machine. Have you really gotten to examine one of these? With your clothes on (not … Continue reading

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