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On Not-Writing

The dog sleeps contentedly, the chores remain caught up. Looks around for something else to do, but the eye rests on nothing undone. Even the cat has been waxed, and run off yowling. (It is not my cat, but a … Continue reading

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Pi Day Publication News!

So yes, it’s Pi Day–you know, March 14? 3.14… Okay, yes, I’m making pie to celebrate. Key lime is about right this year. Something tart and sweet and refreshing. Yum. Oh, it’s also publication day for my story over on … Continue reading

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Today’s Hilarious Item

  So, I’m not sure if this poor frog thinks he’ll turn into a hummingbird if he hangs out in a hummingbird feeder long enough and really believes it, or if he’s exceptionally over-estimating the size of a hummingbird vs the … Continue reading

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Pie Day???

No, Pi Day. That’s Monday, March 14th–or 3.14. Even better, this year is Super Pi Day, since the value of pi=3.14159…, which rounds to 3.14(.)16!!! Hey, this is almost as fun as Talk Like a Pirate Day! In honor of Pi Day, … Continue reading

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Because It’s That Time of Year…

  …and I’m that kind of person. 🙂 And just in case you think poor Dasher is the only animal I’ve ever dressed for the holidays, let me show you Luna, our previous dog, in the exact same gear:

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Because I’m a Writer…

…and I love grammar. I mean, I love my dog, and that he’s a rescue, which is why I got this magnet. But I simply could not stand the public trouncing of grammar it represented, so I never put it … Continue reading

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Well Shiver Me Timbers, It’s That Time Already!

Arrrr, mateys. The morrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day, one of my favorites. So I hope you’ll join me in salting up your lingo, raising some eyebrows, and maybe partaking in a tot or two of rum if ye be of that … Continue reading

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Sleeping Contortions

Just thought I’d share that my dog seems to enjoy sleeping in contortionist positions. Very odd, but he seems comfortable. Somehow.               No, these weren’t “waking up stretches,” either. He stayed in these positions … Continue reading

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