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I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.

Curious Fictions

I want to let you know about an opportunity I’m thinking about over at the Curious Fictions platform, on my personal author space. Click the link, then click “Posts” and you’ll see that I’m thinking about expanding my presence there, … Continue reading

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“Cold Currents” gets a Review

Locus Magazine short fiction reviewer Karen Burnham took a look at the January edition of Abyss & Apex Magazine, wherein my flash fiction story, “Cold Currents,” is published. I’m really pleased to say it was one of three stories that … Continue reading

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Definitely Spring!

Yes, I know the calendar told us that the first day of spring has just passed, but I’ve been seeing so much spring around here lately, and it’s awesome, so I’m gonna share! The plum tree is covered in gumball-sized … Continue reading

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2019 Nebula Nominees

Congratulations to the latest Nebula Award nominees. Since I’m a member of SFWA now, I was able to nominate, and it’s a real thrill to see some of my nominees on this list. Congrats to all! 2018 Nebula Award Finalists … Continue reading

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my right thumb was stung by ground hornets on monday as i tore out the spent broccoli, and now my entire hand is swollen and gross. just got meds yesterday from the doc, and while they’re helping, they also make … Continue reading

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Spring Changes

This week, the sandhill cranes have been gathering into great flocks that swirl up the late morning thermals into the higher altitudes, their melancholy voices calling and overlapping into a overwhelming, bittersweet chorus as they begin their long journeys northwards. … Continue reading

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Story Release Day for “Cold Currents”

Happy New Year! For me, 2019 is immediately looking up, because today my short story, Cold Currents, is available at Abyss & Apex Magazine. It’s very short, but very special to me. Let me tell you why. Over on Codex, … Continue reading

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December Travels

The Spousal Unit and I celebrated a Significant Anniversary this year, so we celebrated by taking a Significant Trip. We chose to return to Nürnberg, Germany (where we lived for a couple years) to visit the annual Christmas Market, or … Continue reading

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