A Good Review from SFRevu

Abyss & Apex editor Wendy S. Delmater notified Issue 56 authors of a wonderful review of all our stories (and an amazing review for one in particular–no, not mine, but I’m thrilled for the author, and the editor, anyway!) over at SFRevu.

For those who won’t pop over to read the whole thing, let me give the highlights here: my story, “The Giveaway Box,” is “Nicely done!” while “Brown Eyes” by Kelsey Snyder “is so beautiful, poignant and perfect that it will be on my Hugo Shortlist for Best Novelette.” Finally, “The 56th issue of Abyss and Apex is one of their best!” 

HURRAY! It’s such a nice feeling, knowing that readers really like what you’ve written. Congratulations to us all!

I hope you can make time to read this issue. If you’re as impressed as the reviewer, would you consider making a small donation to the site? Let’s fund the next great read, shall we?


About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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2 Responses to A Good Review from SFRevu

  1. Hi, Mary.

    I doubt that you know that SFRevu founder Ernest Lilley was a member of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County when he created the magazine and that a number of our members helped out in its early going.

    Miss you here in Jersey.

    Philip De Parto


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