Upcoming: Publications and Absence

It’s been a week since my last post, which is kind of a long time for me. And it’s going to be spotty going here at ye olde bloggue as the upcoming move comes up more and more. I’ll be gone for a few days, in fact, on a house hunting mission. When ya move, ya gotta move to somewhere. If you have any extra good luck, send it my way for traveling and in looking for a new home, will you?

Looking forward, I want to mention two upcoming publications that will feature my work. Liquid Imagination will run my story, “Something Wicked,” by the end of this month (or the very beginning of June, at the latest). This story is about families, and differences, and taking your own path while not “selling out” your present for your future. I’ll give a direct link to it once I return and it’s available. For now, the link above takes you to the Liquid Imagination homepage, where you can view all the month’s current stories. While you’re there, why not read something else, too?

Also forthcoming in early June is “Ghost Dog,” over at Aurora Wolf. If you’re interested in such things, this is the story whose original (this has been edited a bit since then) got me into Viable Paradise Writers’ Workshop. It was inspired by a very bad year: I moved, my sister died, and then my dog died. The dog in the story isn’t exactly the dog that died, though. Riva, the story dog, is more an amalgamation of both of my boxer girls into one.

Looking backward, have you purchased a physical book from Alliteration Ink? Maybe Sidekicks, which my story “Worthy” appears within, or the awesome What Fates Impose, or perhaps the amazing Steampunk World? First, thanks. And second, now you can get an ebook version free when you register that copy. Check out the notice here, and get the ebook version of any book Alliteration Ink has published, even those before this went into effect. How cool is that?



About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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2 Responses to Upcoming: Publications and Absence

  1. Oh, big smile! Read “Something Wicked” at Liquid Imagination. Great twist at the end–refreshing. And totally tight. Fun story!


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