A Fond Week’s Farewell

VPXVIIBlogBanner-2-brghtcopper-160x200This is it. Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn (or before it, actually) I’ll be leaving for the train station, beginning the first part of my journey to Viable Paradise XVII. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten to pack anything vital. My bag is packed, except for my small carry-on, which will include my computer, a book, lunch, and such and so forth. The butterflies are doing loop-de-loops in my stomach. I’m afraid I won’t sleep at all tonight.

I am very pleased to say that, despite my desire to hyperventilate all week, I kept myself tapping away at the keyboard and just now finished that second story–the one I wanted to have done before leaving. So “Yay me!,” since I met that goal of 2 first drafts and one editing job finished.

Right now, it’s a miserably rainy day. Not cold, but the wind is gusting and there’s no way to avoid the drizzle soaking into your skin if you head outdoors. And I have to do just that. One last trip to the store, stocking up on supplies for hubby to carry him through my absence (so nice to be missed, isn’t it?). If you see someone dancing through the raindrops, that’ll be me. If not, I’ll report back once I return, after the 19th.

Keep writing!


About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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4 Responses to A Fond Week’s Farewell

  1. fossilist says:

    Good luck! Enjoy! And be a sponge… I can’t wait to hear about your experience when you return.


  2. Safe journeys to you and have a fruitful experience! I’m sure it will be fantastic.


  3. Cory Skerry says:

    I predict awesome in your near future. I’m psychic like that!


  4. M.E. Garber says:

    Thanks everyone! I’m really touched by your good wishes for me!


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