The Coming Drought?

Not much going on in my world but writing and revising endlessly. Ever get the feeling the day has been shortened by about 2 hours? Yep, that’s my world right now. I’m trying to revise 4 stories. Two should be “easy,” while the other two need major organ transplants and possibly a Frankensteinesque amount of electrical jolting to put the life back into them. But I can’t quite give up on them yet. I’m too interested in those stories, in the way they still feel in my mind, if not the way they read on the page. I just have to get their translations right, then others will enjoy them just as much. At least, that’s the plan.

And, of course, this is a “writing” week in the W1/S1 schedule. Naturally! That’s why I’m editing. Good thing it’s only Monday.

I’ve recently joined the Online Writers Workshop. I’m still in my free test month, and I’m seeing how I find the waters. If you’re active there, let me know what you think.

Hmmm. Speaking of water: after that last post (in which I determined that rain should be a good omen that presages acceptance), it has not rained once. Not even a drip. This is somewhat of a good thing, since I think I was starting to develop gills, but I’m guessing that in the long-term, drought is a bad thing. So, in the interest of preserving the vitality and viability of the world around me, I hereby renounce all superstitious claims upon the rain. Go ahead, precipitate all you want. I’ll get my acceptances without your help, thank you very much. (grumble, grumble, grumble)


About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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3 Responses to The Coming Drought?

  1. I wish you luck on your revisions. Today my assignment is finishing the plot lines for a story I thought was finished five years ago.


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