Quote of the Week

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is one of those days I must merely ‘endure.’ I feel as if some giant has wrung me out like a dishrag and left me flopped over the edge of the sink, slowly leaking onto the floor. Ugh. There is no creative spark, no ability to think new things.

Still, I edited words already written for a short while, and sent out a submission that was ready to go. I endured, and feel I’ve gained my rest. Now I will sip herbal tea and let life move along without me for a bit.

Tomorrow is another day. With any luck, it’ll be one I can enjoy again.


About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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3 Responses to Quote of the Week

  1. fossilist says:

    When you can’t write, read. Refill that tank!


  2. M.E. Garber says:

    Yes! I just finished “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” by N.K. Jemisin. Sigh. I have *so* far to go…. Or, so much to look forward to yet learning (I try thinking positive thoughts. It makes me feel better.).


    • fossilist says:

      That’s funny, I’m halfway through THTK right now. Enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed any book in quite awhile.

      You had a great year last year, no reason why this one won’t be even better!


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