Cold Fingers Mean You Just Type Faster

I’m happy to announce that my story Frost Patterns will be live at Fiction 365 on Saturday, January 5. As you can guess, with a title like that it’s very seasonally appropriate for us in the northern hemisphere.


In other news, I’m doing well with Write 1/Sub 1. I’m more than halfway finished with a new short story (putting me ahead of the game, since it officially doesn’t begin until NEXT week–the first full week of 2013), and have in mind a specific market for it, requiring a fast submission. Without W1S1, I doubt I’d have pushed myself to go for this. If you’re on the fence, then, all I can say is that for me, W1S1 works.

My desk is up against a wall with a window that overlooks the Rocky River valley below. It’s very peaceful, and pleasant, etc., etc., but there is a drawback that I’m now discovering: the window/wall joins in this old building aren’t exactly well-insulated, and a cold draft flows over my desk, and my keyboard, before falling to my feet. It’s cold! Hubby (who’s working from home here in Ohio this week yet) and I pass a small space heater back and forth between us, chasing off the chill. (Type faster! Don’t let the fingers ice up or we’re done for!) Ah, the joys of winter.


About M.E. Garber

I'm an itinerant Ohio-born speculative fiction writer now living in north central Florida.
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6 Responses to Cold Fingers Mean You Just Type Faster

  1. My front room where I usually write is very drafty as well. I have a plug-in heating pad that I sit on, and for some reason it actually seems to keep all of me warm, even though it’s just under my butt. They’re like $15 at a drug store, and I think they use less electricity than space heaters, though I’m not sure. Give it a try? šŸ˜€ Because I haaate typing with cold fingers (or longish fingernails! AAAUGH! haha).


  2. My daughter gave me fingerless gloves one year for writing. Unfortunately, they’re large wool gloves, which completely get in the way.


  3. I wouldn’t get any writing done at all in the winter if it weren’t for fingerless gloves. I’d just have both hands in my lap, under my legs, trying to get the feeling back.


    • M.E. Garber says:

      I know that feeling! Temps here have plummeted, and my fingerless gloves are saving my ability to write. Hmmm, I wonder about moving south — say, to the Caribbean? But then I’d need a floatable home for hurricane season.


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